Enjoy all the health benefits of Omega 3

Milk that is used to make our Omega 3 yogurt is from the Green Grass Dairy in Tasmania. A scientifically developed food suppliment process enables the Omega-3 fatty acids to remain intact during dairy digestion, providing ‘a good source of Omega 3’ in each tub of Green Grass Dairy’s Omega 3 Yogurt.

The importance of Omega 3

The health benefits of Omega-3s are well documented Australia’s Heart Foundation recommending all people should aim for 2 to 3 serves of Omega 3 rich foods each day to promote heart, cognitive and eye health, as well as brain development in children.

Great taste, made naturally in Tasmania

Tasmania’s dairy cows breathe the world’s cleanest air and graze in the cleanest pasture and now we have found a way to bring the health benefits of Omega 3 to our yogurt through their feed.

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